Must have travel items

Whether its visiting family, staying overnight with friends or jestsetting around the globe – most of us have a need for handy, purposeful travel items. Let your clients think of you every time they travel with a branded item from GTT’s travel products. Whether you’re clients make their way by plane, train, automobile or on their own two feet, no trip is complete these days without digital accessories. Speak to GTT Marketing about our digitial range, which includes a global speaking translator (in 12 languages) and a ultra slim universal power adapter kit. Clients not into digital? From neck pillows, compact manicure sets, travel wallets and duffle bags – GTT Marketing has a broad range of high end travel products to suit all tastes and budgets. Get in touch today.

Top 5 promo gifts

Well, you asked for it! Many of you have asked what our top 5 bestsellers are. We’ve listened, and here they are! Coming in at number five, are iPhone Megaphone Speakers. These amazing mini speakers amplify sound from your iPhone by up to 15dbs! At fourth place is the Karma Cup, a reusable takeaway cup with silicon bands and a silicon lid. Next on the most popular list are custom USB Flash Drives – these funky tools can take any shape or form – so let your imagination run wild! In second place are Mobile Phone Holders – perfect for the car, adjustable and easily demountable. Taking out the top position, are Custom Designed Wall Calendars. For more information on these and other great products, get in touch today.

What to get the CEO who has everything.

It’s a tricky situation. You want to thank a CEO, CFO or other top executive and prefer to give something that has your company logo on it – but don’t want to come across as tacky or unthoughtful. So what do you get the man or woman that no doubt has everything and has seen it all before?

The executive who has it all is one of the hardest people to shop for. Not only are their tastes refined, their budget is probably in most people’s stratosphere. Sourcing gifts for these types of people usually means ruling out the staple items stocked by the marketing department such as umbrellas, pens, caps and balls. So what’s left?

Given that each and every executive is likely to have different interests, the best way to narrow down the choice is to purchase something they can use on the job. These gadgets and accessories listed below are guaranteed to turn heads – even among the top brass.

Consider the latest IT gadget, iPad accessory or a cordless iPhone charger. Not into technology? How about a gift for their wife or kids? Making the boss look good to their family is something that is bound to impress and the goodwill generated will be extended to family members – not just the executive. Traditionalists may prefer to go with a leather luggage tag or a custom made jarrah desk caddy. Not sure? We have plenty of ideas and can access an infinite number of items. Click here to get in touch.

Does your brand have a human side?

Promotional products are not just an extension of marketing…they fuel it. Whether at work, school or home, branded merchandising is a visible and a powerful marketing tool. That being said, getting branding right and choosing the right promotional merchandise to represent your brand can be tricky.

All too often, businesses repeat the mistake of rolling out the same of golf umbrellas, beach hats and stress balls year after year. While these staples certainly have a place in your merchandising cache, to pack some real punch, you should consider showing your brand’s human side. The human side of a brand demonstrates realness, practicality, humour and approachability. In a day and age of email, twitter, facebook and online everything, people want to know that they are dealing with real people. What better way to do this than by giving a branded gift that’s outside the box?

Consider branding events and celebrations that you’ve never branded before. Why? Because blending in with the hundreds of other corporate gifts floating around during standard festive holidays doesn’t help your brand. What would happen if you sent your Christmas message in July? Your client appreciation gift on Valentine’s Day? If your Easter wishes were for the kids in client’s families, not the clients themselves? For more information on aligning brand with merchandise, get in touch today.

You want to put my logo… where?

People often spend days and hours deliberating the benefits of one particular promotional item over another, only to neglect the most important part: logo placement. Even the best promotional item will fail to provide a return on investment if the consumer can’t see your logo.

Know in advance how the item will be used, where it will be used, whether it will be used during the day or night, indoor or outdoor, by people sitting or by people standing. Getting logo placement right means not assuming that the best branding position is front and centre of your promotional item.

Time and time again people pay top dollar to brand a beach towel only to find that their message is wasted when the user lies down at the beach. Others make the mistake of placing their logo in the grip area of a pen or pencil.

When choosing a promotional item, consider the message you are trying to convey and to whom. For example, if you are placing your logo on a coffee mug, know whether you want the person drinking the coffee to see your logo or the person sitting across from that person to see your logo. Depending on your target, you may need to place your logo on the inside rim of the coffee cup, the bottom of the coffee cup, the outside top of the coffee cup or the outside front.

Given due consideration, correct logo placement can effectively double your branding power. GTT Marketing specialise in strategic promotional strategies and can help ensure you get maximum exposure.