You want to put my logo… where?

People often spend days and hours deliberating the benefits of one particular promotional item over another, only to neglect the most important part: logo placement. Even the best promotional item will fail to provide a return on investment if the consumer can’t see your logo.

Know in advance how the item will be used, where it will be used, whether it will be used during the day or night, indoor or outdoor, by people sitting or by people standing. Getting logo placement right means not assuming that the best branding position is front and centre of your promotional item.

Time and time again people pay top dollar to brand a beach towel only to find that their message is wasted when the user lies down at the beach. Others make the mistake of placing their logo in the grip area of a pen or pencil.

When choosing a promotional item, consider the message you are trying to convey and to whom. For example, if you are placing your logo on a coffee mug, know whether you want the person drinking the coffee to see your logo or the person sitting across from that person to see your logo. Depending on your target, you may need to place your logo on the inside rim of the coffee cup, the bottom of the coffee cup, the outside top of the coffee cup or the outside front.

Given due consideration, correct logo placement can effectively double your branding power. GTT Marketing specialise in strategic promotional strategies and can help ensure you get maximum exposure.