Does your brand have a human side?

Promotional products are not just an extension of marketing…they fuel it. Whether at work, school or home, branded merchandising is a visible and a powerful marketing tool. That being said, getting branding right and choosing the right promotional merchandise to represent your brand can be tricky.

All too often, businesses repeat the mistake of rolling out the same of golf umbrellas, beach hats and stress balls year after year. While these staples certainly have a place in your merchandising cache, to pack some real punch, you should consider showing your brand’s human side. The human side of a brand demonstrates realness, practicality, humour and approachability. In a day and age of email, twitter, facebook and online everything, people want to know that they are dealing with real people. What better way to do this than by giving a branded gift that’s outside the box?

Consider branding events and celebrations that you’ve never branded before. Why? Because blending in with the hundreds of other corporate gifts floating around during standard festive holidays doesn’t help your brand. What would happen if you sent your Christmas message in July? Your client appreciation gift on Valentine’s Day? If your Easter wishes were for the kids in client’s families, not the clients themselves? For more information on aligning brand with merchandise, get in touch today.