The gift that keeps on giving

Your first challenge in choosing a suitable promotional product is to make it something the person you’re giving it to will want to use. But what about going one step further, and making it something you can help them use … again … and again … and again?

At its simplest, this might mean giving a valued client a desk caddy with room for personalized sticky-notes – then sending a new supply of notes whenever you have news to share or want to celebrate an event or achievement. Red and green at Christmas, or notes printed with the online link to your newest store or product.

But you can think outside the box too. Branded mugs remain one of the most popular promotional items – so why not add some personalized tea bags, or sachets of hot chocolate mix? You can cost-effectively supplement your gift over and over, keeping the basic idea new and fresh. Add some longevity to your wall or desk-top calendar by dropping in some special event stickers – they might highlight an event you’re hosting or simply be generic markers for birthdays, holidays or Fridays! Get in touch today for ideas on how to make your promotional products work – not just now and then, but now AND then.

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