Kick goals this winter

Having too many balls in the air can be tough – but we can help you make sure that some of those balls kick goals for your business.

Yep, it’s the footie season, and whether you’re up there with Cazaly, out to bring back the Biff or dedicated to the tradition of the round ball, it’s time to capitalize on Australians’ passion for the game. Make your mark on our sports balls and start having some fun with your customers – this is the novelty that lands on their desk and takes them straight to the weekend.

And of course, there’s no need to upset any apple-carts by siding with one particular team – it’s your team that will come front and centre (though of course, there is always room for a little supporter indoctrination if you’re a true believer!)

Bring balls right into your strategy by adding clever distribution: theme your next event around footie, or organize a family day to get the kids involved. Better still, get your clients in on a tipping scheme – the perfect excuse for some weekly banter (and an incidental chat about your great new products …)

Think smart about your promotional merchandise – make it work just as hard as you do. Get in touch today.

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