We guarantee to price match any identical product.  We have more than 20,000 products in Australia and can source anything from anywhere!

Why use GTT Marketing?

GTT Marketing provides a holistic solution to product merchandising and brand management needs.  With designers and strategic account managers on staff, we have the skills and the experience to grow a great idea into reality.  Careful to match the right product to the right message, GTT Marketing considers more than just the product itself: we review the purpose, message, vision and brand of your organisation and ensure it produces a return on investment.

How do you identify a suitable product for sale?

GTT Marketing has immediate access to thousands of products, both via our head office in Sydney and other warehouse locations.  We have solid relationships and agreements in place with many international suppliers, and are able to import products quickly and seamlessly and source 'hard to find' or 'out of the box' products.

What kind of suppliers do you choose to work with?

GTT Marketing considers a number of factors before engaging a supplier.  These factors include fair and ethical workplace conditions, competitive pricing, product warranty, quality and efficient delivery management.  GTT Marketing visits national and international suppliers on a regular basis and conduct spot checks on the supply and quality of all products.